BFD Systems SE-8 with a Sony A7R Camera and digital video streaming over a network radio

Systems Integration

Focus on UAVs and Robotics

  • EO/IR payloads
  • Video streaming
  • Mesh networking radios
  • Control systems tuning
  • Integration of alternative power systems (hybrid engine systems, fuel cells)


  • Doodle Labs NanoOEM Based Radio
  • Single USB-C Connection for Data and Power for Easy Operation
  • 1/4-20 Tripod Mount
  • Available in ISM and MIL Frequencies
  • NDAA Compliant
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SE-8 Remote ID Module

Add Remote ID Broadcast compliance to any BFD Systems SE-8 aircraft

  • Little to no impact to existing operations
  • Powered by the aircraft
  • Built-in GPS module
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DeckRC (Coming Soon)

  • Powerful and Responsive R/C Controller and Computer
  • Encrypted Mesh Networking Radios
  • Fully Customizable Software and Operating System
  • Open-Source Development
  • Seeking NDAA-Compliance
  • Beta Versions Available!
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  • SE-8 center hub during diagnostics

    BFD Systems SE-8 Aircraft Support

    • Repairs
    • Replacement parts
    • Training
    • Upgrades
  • Alta X: "Insert Your Payload Here"

    Custom Freefly Alta-X Integrations

    • Alternative radio modules and controllers
    • Digital FPV with Encryption
    • EO/IR Payload Integration
    • Custom payload and mission requests
    • Blue SUAS versions available
  • Standard Remote ID Diagram

    Remote ID Integration

    • Broadcast Remote ID module integration
    • Standard Remote ID integration and testing
Modular flight control stack for a test drone. Contains a Cube flight controller, Sony Starvis camera, Doodle Labs Helix radio, and a companion computer. Not pictured is a Location 1 GPS and compass and Remote ID module

On-Demand Drone R&D

Our experts can help solve your most crucial UAV issues. We will take your project from requirements to completion or we can integrate with an existing team to accelerate development. Our end-user focused design philosophy will ensure that the product meets design goals and stays on-time.