Wikis, manuals, links, and other resources to help navigate this complex world of drones.

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BFD Systems Product Support

BFWiki (SE-8 User Guide, Hybrid Hawk Guide, Checklists, Flight Modes, GCS Software)

Download of SE-8 Users Guide Please use the table of contents at the top of the document to navigate.

UAX Technologies Product Support

DeckRC Github (Software Development, Bug Reports, Feature Requests)

UAX SE-8 Remote ID Module Users Guide (Normal Operations, Programming, Firmware Updates)

UAX-CAM Users Guide (Specs, Pinout, Connection Instructions)

Freefly Systems Product Support

Freefly Alta X Wiki (Checklists, Performace Specs, CAD)

Freefly Alta X Knowledge Base (Firmware, Service Bulletins)

BFWiki Alta-X Pages (Alta-X RFD Guide, Alta-X Sbus to PWM Decoder, Cargo Landing Gear Assembly)

ArduPilot General Reference

ArduCopter Wiki (Setup Instructions, Compatible Devices)

ArduCopter Complete Parameter List (Full List of All Paramters in the Flight Controller)

ArduPilot Online Log Viewer (Online Log Viewer, Map of Flight, Graphs)

ArduCopter Log Messages (Definition of ArduCopter Log Messages)