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SE-8 Remote ID

SE-8 Remote ID

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Remote ID Broadcast Module for the BFD Systems SE-8.

This module adds Remote ID Broadcast compliance to any BFD Systems SE-8 aircraft. The unit has a built-in GPS. It is powered by the aircraft. The unit is conformal to the the inner-arm and is designed to be compatible with all SE-8 aircraft and travel cases (with minor modifications).

Note: Many SE-8 aircraft do not have an internal power connection that can be reached from the outside. In these cases the aircraft hub must be opened by on-site technicians or the hub must be sent back to UAX for the unit to be installed.

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Remote ID Compliance

This module is broadcast (or direct) Remote ID transponder. It is compliant with the (evolving) standards in the US and EU.

  • Zero-Effort Compliance

    Power is provided by the aircraft

    • The unit has a built-in GPS for position information
    • The only additional item is to check the status light (or a Remote ID app) before takeoff to ensure the unit is broadcasting
  • Conformal Design

    Conformal design minimizes impact to existing integrations

    • Fits into SE-8 travel cases (with minor modification to the foam)
  • Hassle-Free Upgrade

    The module can be installed by field technicians on many aircraft

    *Note: Some aircraft do not have a 5V rail connection that is accessible. In these cases the drone hub must be sent in for installation by our trained staff.