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Tattu 12S-14S Smart Charger 60A/3000W

Tattu 12S-14S Smart Charger 60A/3000W

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Tattu Dual Smart Charger 60A/3000W For 12S-14S Tattu Smart Battery

  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Charge Power: AC220V max 3000W; AC110V max 1200W
  • Charge Current: Max 60A
  • Discharging Power: Max 70W (x2)
  • Channels: Two
  • Working Temperature: 0℃~65℃
  • Output Plug: AS150U
  • Size: 276*154*216mm
  • Weight: 6Kg
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Charger Info

Tattu has more than 30 years of experience with battery and battery charging, and we are specialised in high performance Li-Ion/Lipo technology with our Tattu battery brand. This combined has made us the world leader in battery user experiences, with incredible success in FPV competition events as well industrial drone applications.

The Ultimate Tattu 3000 charger ensures your safety while charging, with additional “smart intelligence” features to simplify operation and connectivity between charger and battery. Please read below how our innovation think-tank and excellent engineering Team brough you the most advanced charging experience. The Tattu Dual Smart Charger 60A/3000W offers therefore all our expertise in one that will meet all your demands for flawless operational functionality like:

  • 2 batteries can be safely charged simultaneously with 60A/channel
  • Smart battery auto detection setting while connection the battery to the charger
  • Large LCD split channel display showing charge progress of both connected batteries
  • Simple comfort push button operation

Our Safety protection functions are always activated:

  • Over-temperature protection> keeps your battery in the optimal temperature at any extreme condition
  • Overcurrent protection> improves your battery its cycle life and performance
  • Overcharge protection> protects the battery for sudden voltage spikes which may occur
  • Disconnection protection> continues charging to reach optimal performance and reliability

These above safety functions guarantee a safe, reliable and flawless control of your charging experiences for years to come.

Compatible with: Battery Type: Tattu 12S/14S with AS150U smart batteries (Upgraded BMS version: TAA16KP12S15C, TAA22K12SP25A, TAPRAS22K1225X, TAPRAS22K1425X), Tattu plus 3.0 battery (TA3TAS19K1425X,TA3TAS22K1425X,TA3TAS25K1425X )