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Astro Wiris Pro Payload (Thermal)

Astro Wiris Pro Payload (Thermal)

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Harness the capabilities of thermal imaging and 10x RGB optical zoom from the air with the Wiris Pro Payload for Astro. The combination of Astro and Wiris Pro is designed for aerial industrial surveys, public safety and first responder operations.

  • Click here for a product overview video!

The Wiris Pro Payload natively mounts to your Astro with the Freefly Smart Dovetail system.* This connection provides power and data communication from the camera to the the ground station controller (and LTE network) for camera controls (camera settings, zoom, exposure), gimbal control (tilt), and image preview. 

Smart Dovetail is not hotswap compatible. To avoid damaging Astro or your sensor, please power off the aircraft before attaching or removing a Smart Dovetail payload.

Each Wiris Pro Payload includes a Freefly mini gimbal, Wiris Pro with 128Gb SSD and 13mm thermal lens, and hard case with a custom foam insert.**

  • This payload mounts to the Astro with the Astro Isolator (required, sold separately). 
  • The Wiris Pro Payload is not available without the camera/lens, nor is it practical or advised to disassemble the payload to use the camera for other purposes. 
  • Wiris Pro Payload Contents
    • Freefly Mini Gimbal for Wiris
    • Workswell Wiris Pro 
      • 128Gb SSD 
      • 10x Optical zoom RGB camera with 1080p images and 720p video 
      • 640x512 30Hz Radiometric thermal camera with a 13mm lens
    • Hard case with protective foam insert
    • Camera and gimbal control from Herelink pilot controller (Herelink included with Astro, not payload)
    • Typical Astro flights with the Wiris Pro Payload are 25-32 minutes, depending on speed / conditions, per pair of batteries
  • Ships in a hard case with a foam insert
    • Custom cut foam insert designed for Wiris Pro Payload
  • The Freefly Wiris Pro Payload is designed and assembled in USA

In the Box:

  • Qty 1 - Wiris Pro Payload
    • Qty 1 - Freefly Mini Gimbal for Wiris*
    • Qty 1 - Wiris Pro with 128Gb SSD, 13mm thermal lens 
    • Qty 1 - Hard case with protective foam insert


  • Requires Astro firmware 1.3.2 or higher. Make sure to update your Herelink controller too!
  • If you are buying this payload for an Astro you already have, and it doesn't have the  Astro Isolator, you will need to purchase one in order to mount the Wiris Pro Payload on your Astro
  • **As an option, if you want to transport the Wiris Pro Payload in your existing Astro Case, we sell an insert for the Astro case
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