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Astro Map + Pilot Pro (Herelink RF)

Astro Map + Pilot Pro (Herelink RF)

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Astro is Freefly’s compact industrial drone platform. Astro’s interface specs are open, making it a flexible and reliable tool to get your new ideas in the air.

Each Astro Map includes the the basis of your Mapping drone kit: 

  1. Astro Base airframe* (simple tools, and some spare bits)
  2. 61MP Mapping Payload (Quick-detach, vibration isolated Freefly gimbal + Sony Alpha 7R IVA + Sigma 24mm f3.5 lens)
  3. The Freefly Pilot Pro controller (with Herelink RF module integrated)


  • Pilot skill with Manual Mode is required for Emergency Procedures. Learn more
  • Astro uses two Freefly SL8-Air batteries per flight (not included in this kit). We recommend 4 SL8 batteries and 2 SL8 Fast Chargers to get flying.
  • Works with RTK GPS Ground Station, through a user-supplied ground station computer (optional)
  • LTE modem works in the United States only. Learn more
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  • Aircraft Capabilities

    • Up to 37 minutes flight time. 
    • 1500 grams max payload 
    • Booms fold up to ½ the diameter
    • Vibration isolated payload attachment
    • Additional specs in the Astro wiki
    Performance Specs 
  • Pilot Pro Controller

    • High resolution rockers for precise camera / gimbal control
    • Modular to accept a variety of radio transmitters
    • Internal battery with external power inputs to support hot-swapping for maximum uptime
    • Emergency kill-switch
    • Discreet physical buttons for all key user actions
    • Includes custom configured, pre-installed 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 tablet
    • Realtime drone and gimbal speed limits
    • Custom padded neck strap 

Additional Information

Aircraft Dimensions

  • Unfolded Diameter (w/o Props) 917mm
  • Unfolded Diameter (Including Props) 1407mm
  • Unfolded Height 359mm
  • Folded Footprint (square) 355mm
  • Folded Height 178mm
  • Landing Gear Footprint (square) 330mm

Aircraft Powerplant

  • Motor Type: Freefly F45
  • Number of Motors: 4
  • Motor Max Continuous Power: 350 W
  • Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power: 500 W
  • Equivalent: Kv420 kV
  • Electronic Speed Controller: Freefly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC
  • Max RPM: 3,500


  • Material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon
  • Propeller Orientation: (2x) CW and (2x) CCW Props
  • Propeller Type: Folding - 553 x 178 mm (21 x 7 in)


  • Maximum Gross for Takeoff: 6.95 kg / 15.32 Lbs (See performance charts)
  • Maximum Payload: 1.50 kg / 3.30 lb
  • Typical Standard Empty weight: 5.17 kg / 11.39 lb

Astro Performance Pages

Flight Controller

  • Flight Controller Hardware: Freefly Custom Designed Skynode
  • Flight Controller Software: Auterion Enterprise PX4 (custom for Astro)
  • Mission Control Software: Auterion Mission Control
  • Online Fleet Management: Auterion Suite
  • Flight Modes: Manual, Altitude Hold, Position Hold, Return, Autonomous Mission
  • Onboard Modules: Cortex-A53 Computer, LTE
  • Connectivity: Wifi, USB C, LTE (North America)
  • Supported Radios: Herelink (Doodle Labs Version Coming Soon)
  • Supported GNSS: L1/L2 bands for GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo


The Astro uses only Freefly SuperLight Batteries

  • Nominal Battery Voltage (V): 21.6 Volts
  • Battery Capacity (Ah, each): 7.3 Ah
  • Batteries per flight: 2

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