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Alta X Bundle in Case (Includes Futaba Radio, FPV System, FRX Pro)

Alta X Bundle in Case (Includes Futaba Radio, FPV System, FRX Pro)

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The Alta X has been designed from the ground up to capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision the Alta line is known for incredible pilot performance and a smooth feel during pilot controlled flight.
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  • Capabilities

    • Max Endurance: 50 min
    • Max Altitude: 10,000 feet
    • Range: limited by RFD-900x
    • 12.5lb payload limitation for 55lb MGTOW
    • Additional capacity for 35lb payload
    • Modular payload mounting system
    • All weather
    Performance Specs 
  • What makes the Alta X special?

    • Alta X folds to half its normal size with the push of a finger. The folding linkages stiffen the booms to ensure low vibration and precise flight characteristics
    • Alta X ActiveBlade design reduces vibrations to 1/5th of the normal level
    • Reduced vibrations means lower fatigue on components, longer motor bearning life, less payload vibration for cleaner collection of data, and better footage when shooting

Additional Information

Aircraft Dimensions

  • Unfolded Diameter (not including props): 1415 mm
  • Unfolded Diameter (Including Props): 2273 mm
  • Folded Diameter: 877 mm
  • Height: 387 mm
  • Height (Skyview): 434 mm

Aircraft Powerplant

  • Number of Motors: 4
  • Motor Max Continuous Power Output: 100 A
  • Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output: 130 A (>3s)
  • Equivalent Kv: 115 rpm/V


  • Model: 33x9in
  • Material: Carbon fiber filled Nylon
  • Propeller Orientation: (2) CW and (2) CCW Props
  • Propeller Type: 40 x 230 mm Folding


  • Maximum Gross for Takeoff: 4.86 kg / 76.85 lb (see performance charts)
  • Maximum Payload: 5.06 kg / 33.20 lb
  • Typical Standard Empty weight: 0.86 kg / 23.94 lb

Flight Controller

  • Autopilot Name: Blue Cube
  • Flight Modes: Manual, altitude, position, mission, loiter, orbit, return
  • Default Data Logging Rate: Varies, 25hz for main flight data
  • Optional Zero-Logging to meet operation needs


  • (2x) 16AH 12S Flight Pack
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 44.4V
  • Battery Connectors: XT-90
  • 15 C Discharge Rating

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