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Alta X (DIU Blue Package)

Alta X (DIU Blue Package)

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The DIU Blue Package ships complete, 8-10 weeks from order

This special edition Alta X comes with everything you need for a job or client that requires that you fly a DIU blue listed aircraft.

  • Alta X (with PX4 Blue Cube, RFD900, F9P GPS)
  • UXV Navigator Tab
  • Cargo Landing Gear
  • One set of flight batteries (one set = two batteries)
  • Enterprise Dual Battery Charger


This package ships in four boxes, one of which is the batteries. These included batteries will ship FedEx Ground, regardless of the shipping speed selected for the rest of the order.

  • Batteries cannot be shipped internationally via UPS. FedEx only.
  • Due to extra processing time at FedEx, shipping times are not guaranteed for hazardous goods.
  • The following countries do not allow air shipments of LiPo batteries. For a full list click here.
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  • Capabilities

    • Max Endurance: 50 min
    • Max Altitude: 10,000 feet
    • Range: limited by RFD-900x
    • 12.5lb payload limitation for 55lb MGTOW
    • Additional capacity for 35lb payload
    • Modular payload mounting system
    • All weather
    Performance Specs 
  • What makes this Alta X special?

    • It features a US-made PX4 Blue Cube.
    • The Blue Cube is equipped with firmware that permanently disables WiFi to comply with DIU Blue requirements and can only have Blue qualified firmware installed in the field. 
    • This kit, as it ships, is certified Blue by DIU. For more information about Alta X and Blue sUAS 2.0, check out their website here, and the approval press release here.*

Additional Information

Aircraft Dimensions

  • Unfolded Diameter (not including props): 1415 mm
  • Unfolded Diameter (Including Props): 2273 mm
  • Folded Diameter: 877 mm
  • Height: 387 mm
  • Height (Skyview): 434 mm

Aircraft Powerplant

  • Number of Motors: 4
  • Motor Max Continuous Power Output: 100 A
  • Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output: 130 A (>3s)
  • Equivalent Kv: 115 rpm/V


  • Model: 33x9in
  • Material: Carbon fiber filled Nylon
  • Propeller Orientation: (2) CW and (2) CCW Props
  • Propeller Type: 40 x 230 mm Folding


  • Maximum Gross for Takeoff: 4.86 kg / 76.85 lb (see performance charts)
  • Maximum Payload: 5.06 kg / 33.20 lb
  • Typical Standard Empty weight: 0.86 kg / 23.94 lb

Flight Controller

  • Autopilot Name: Blue Cube
  • Flight Modes: Manual, altitude, position, mission, loiter, orbit, return
  • Default Data Logging Rate: Varies, 25hz for main flight data
  • Optional Zero-Logging to meet operation needs


  • (2x) 16AH 12S Flight Pack
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 44.4V
  • Battery Connectors: XT-90
  • 15 C Discharge Rating

In The Box

Qty 1 - Alta X Travel Case
Qty 1 - Alta X Airframe with 30A vibration isolators, F9P GPS & RFD900

Qty 2 - Fuse Mini 297 32V 10A
Qty 2 - Replacement Battery Fastener
Qty 2 - Active Blade Bumper (black)
Qty 2 - Active Blade Bumper (gray)
Qty 5 - M4x16 Combo Head bolt
Qty 5 - M4x10 Combo Head bolt
Qty 5 - M3x8 Combo Head bolt
Qty 5 - M4x14 Combo Head bolt
Qty 5 - M4x8 Combo Head bolt
Qty 1 - USB C to A Cable (1m)
Qty 1 - UVX Navigator Tab
Qty 1 - Cargo Landing Gear
Qty 2 - Alta X 12S Flight Pack - 16AH 20C (Single Battery)
Qty 1 - EV Peak U4-Pro Enterprise Drone Charger

Alta X Blue Tutorial